Rare Performance this Saturday in Oakland

Had our first of two rehearsals last night for the show this Saturday. Dang. These guys make me feel all giddy. There's John Shiurba and Myles Boisen on electric guitars, Wil Hendricks on electric wurlitzer and Suki O'Kane on samples on drums, and I'll be running around playing acoustic guitar, pump organ, ouijachord and optigan, plus singing, and Kelly Atkins will be singing backing vocals.

So what I'm saying is that, if you can make this show, I'll be happy to see you there. I'm really excited to be playing this new record and I don't have any other dates to do it again like this since all these marvelous players are off doing lots of other projects. 

If you'd like to come, email me at kw@ultralash.com and I'll send you the address. It's at a private warehouse space in West Oakland, CA.