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A River Listless (2015)

by ultralash

More a 20:10 sound installation than a collection of songs, the limited edition CD (only 200 were produced) and album download don't have track numbers. Listeners are rewarded as a rich, densely evocative narrative unfurls like a soundtrack to a dream. A master of story-telling, ultralash delivers a dark, handsome dollop of dour core and redemption on this, her third effort.

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Foamy Lather (2008)

by ultralash

Ultralash, née Oakland's Karry Walker and friends, explores the meeting point between trip-hop and indie rock on this creatively unleashed sophomore effort. Foamy Lather's full songs are interspersed with snippets and broken little pieces of sound, much like a Sparklehorse record, creating a multi-faceted, fascinating listening experience. - East Bay Express

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Ultralash (2003)

by ultralash

Ultralash (aka Karry Walker's) bedroom folk combines bits of trip-hop and Appalachia, the samples and drum machines dueling with banjos and the creak of rocking chairs on the porch. Her lyrics are enigmatic puzzles, fragments of short story detail and corrosive imagery...Suzanne Vega meets Shannon Wright in these musical novels, as intricate and haphazardly beautiful as quilts.  -- The Ectophiles Guide to Good Music

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Lipsbury Pinfold (1999)

stuff about lipsbury pinfold.

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The Hollywood Laundrette (2013)

by The Hollywood Laundrette

Featuring Karry Walker on vocals and her mom's ukulele along with Myles Boisen on resonator guitar, The Hollywood Laundrette is an Ultralash side project born from a mutual appreciation for vintage instruments and Hawaiian kitsche.  With additional backing by Lisa Mezzacappa on stand-up bass and Michael Iago Mellender on trumpet.