Saturday, 8/8/15 - Ultralash CD Release Concert in Oakland CA

A show in Oakland CA to celebrate the release of the new album "A River Listless. Joining me to play the recording from top to bottom are Myles Boisen and John Shiurba on electric guitars, Wil Hendricks on electric wurlitzer and Suki O'Kane on drums. I should be so lucky as to ever partake in this particular configuration of colossal awesome ever again.

The inimitable VEGAN BUTCHER has not performed publicly in three years. Maybe it's because frontman/ guitarist John Shiurba only writes VB songs in January. Here we also see Wil Hendricks on bass and Suki-O'Kane on drums, with one Ms. Val Esway atoning one-liner Patti Smithesque haikus such as "these ones are all stretched out and bifurcated." NOT TO BE MISSED.

Thad Povey and Alfonso Alvarez of The Overdub Club will be projecting visuals on all available surfaces.

Donated beer and wine bar. 

Tickets at the door: $10-$15 sliding scale

Email for all the details.